2011 OFC Albums

18 Nov

Thank you  to everyone who took part in the 2011 Ottawa Foodie Challenge. We had such a great time watching everyone race around Ottawa for a great cause, the Ottawa Food Bank. That being said, there were some HILARIOUS photos- thanks for getting creative- it made our evening so much more enjoyable.

Here are the albums submitted to Flickr (in no particular order):

First Ladies of Food

After the Harvest

The Marlborough Men

Apple Pickers

Karine & Jenny in the Morning

Snack Attack

Taste Buds


Petits Fours

It was the best of limes, it was the worst of limes

Les Bonnes Fourchettes


Cereal Killers

Local Pizza Tourists

Foodie and the Beast


Pickle of Justice



Minority Report

Little Monsters

Fine Young Cannibals

YUKON do it

Devouring Duo

The Amazing Fighting Cupcakes

Bikes & Bites

* Sensory Sisters

* Me and You

We are always trying to create the most interesting, fun and difficult list we can. The Ottawa Foodie Challenge is for a great cause and we hope that everyone had a great time. If you have suggestions on how to make the event better next year- we are all ears. Thank you again so much for being great sports!

– Carolynn, Larissa, Matt, Kyle

* raw photos submitted


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