Ottawa is filled with wonderful restaurants, epicurean hideouts and simply great foodie destinations that many locals seek out with mouth watering anticipation. We are all fans of these places and its time to celebrate their delicious eats through an event we have dubbed: The Ottawa Foodie Challenge. We’ve created a list (not complete by any means) of great local institutions that glorify Ottawa, and to some, often define our city. The Ottawa Foodie Challenge ask you to visit the places on the foodie list and perform certain tasks for ‘points’.

OFC Team

A group of young and energetic Ottawa-ians (what do we really call ourselves anyways?) have banded together through their shared enthusiasm and down right adoration of Ottawa’s best foodie secrets to raise awareness about community hunger all while having a little fun. Oh yah, and we were inspired by a similar event in New York City; shout out to the Amateur Gourmet Blog!

Carolynn Lacasse, Director

Carolynn is a self proclaimed ‘rookie foodie’, still learning the ropes and is eager to eat, taste and smell anything that screams delicious. Always rip roaring around the Ottawa area, she is proud to call this city her home for the past 20 years. When she’s not taking her (sometimes) virgin taste buds on a ride of a lifetime she can be found at SWIX, a local tech start-up.

Reach Carolynn: Carolynn@OttawaFoodieChallenge.com

Kyle Braatz, VP of Web

Kyle is a fitness and health enthusiast who likes to enjoy great tasting food that makes you feel great too. He has spent time on countless patios, in his cycling spandex, experiencing some of the hidden gems across Ottawa. Kyle has requested the help of Karl the Gorilla (Netgen’s Community Ambassador) to assist the OFC team by bringing awareness and raising funds for community hunger.

Reach Kyle: Kyle@OttawaFoodieChallenge.com

Larissa Beznaczuk-Smyrnew, VP of Community

Larissa began throwing dinner parties from an early age recognizing that food brought people together to laugh and create memories with. After working in the health care field for a few years she decided to give this wine and food business a chance and is currently General Manager at DiVino Wine Studio, a regional Italian event space, restaurant, wine bar and cooking school on Preston Street. She is always ready and willing to sit down to discuss the good things in life over a glass of Barbera.

Reach Larissa: Larissa@OttawaFoodieChallenge.com

Matt Richling, VP of Communications

On any given night you can find Matt scouting out Ottawa’s newest and trendiest culinary destinations.  Always lending a helping hand where he can, Matt participates in several philanthropic events across the city. When he’s not trying to expand his palate, Matt represents REMAX, selling Ottawa’s most unique condos and homes.

Reach Matt: Matt@OttawaFoodieChallenge.com


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