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2 Nov

Hey our 2011 is coming soon and people are excited! Check out this interview with our Director Carolynn Lacasse on what to expect on November 13.

See you guys there!



…and the winner is!

16 Nov
We are proud to announce team YUM YUM (Katryna & Mark) as the winners of the 1st Ottawa Foodie Challenge, and now hold the title of 2010 Ottawa Foodie Challenge Champions! This incredible duo was able to complete ALL 360 available points, with a little creativity and a lot of heart.

We were very (VERY) impressed with all the teams and there was some seriously close competition. Behold the rest of the albums that brought us so much joy.

Team Big Night Last Night
Team Awesome

Finally we’d like to say another GREAT BIG THANK YOU to our sponsors this year for supporting a brand spanking new event in this city. Their support was greatly appreciated: Netgen, Ottawa KioskDivino Wine Studio, The Cakery, Barefoot Wine & Bubbly and The Whalesbone.

Thank You To Everyone

15 Nov

We we overwhelmed with happiness this weekend after seeing an incredible turn out for the Ottawa Foodie Challenge. With 24 teams participating we are able to raise money, cans and a wack of awareness for the Ottawa Food Bank. The weekend surpassed our goals and the photos we received will probably leave us giggling for days. We are currently tallying all the points- but we will post the winner once the tally is finished as well as everyone’s albums so you can have as many laughs as we did this past weekend. Thank you again for your support!

The Official List

13 Nov

BEHOLD THE LIST. Please be courteous when entering these foodie establishments, we love them and we want them to continue loving us. We thank everyone who is participating for their support of the Ottawa Food Bank. Collect the most points from this list and win the following amazing prizes. Be creative and have fun.

-Two tickets to the Foreign Affair Wine makers dinner at Divino Wine Studio, a 6 course menu with wine pairings
-$100 Gift Certificate from The Cakery towards a dream cake of your choice, or the same value of cupcakes
-6 bottles of wine from Barefoot Wine & Bubbly
-$50 Gift Certificate to the Whalesbone Oyster House


Please upload AND LABEL your photos on Flickr and send the album to Contact@OttawaFoodieChallenge.com NO LATER then 6:30PM! Please make sure your FIRST picture is a self shot of you and your team member. Each photo taken must have a team member in it OR it will NOT QUALIFY. No old photos will be tolerated, all must be taken the day of the challenge. Feel free to tweet our event too 🙂 (@FoodieChallenge or #OFC)


The team with the highest number of points gets crowned Ottawa’s FIRST EVER Foodie Challenge Champions!

On your mark….Get set….GO!

  1. Picture of you hugging the Sailor Jerry’s statue at the Whalesbone (5pts, + 5pts) holding a bottle of Sailor Jerry’s
  2. Picture of you and any blogger on this list (5pts, max 2 bloggers, please note if you are participating and you are ON this list a picture of yourself doesn’t count :))
  3. You and the “master blast” coffee listing from the menu at Planet Coffee (5pts)
  4. You in an apron in front of the Cordon Bleu 5pts, +1pts for each chef knife in your hand (max 5 knives)
  5. You and the hoof card holder located on the bar at Murray Street Kitchen (10pts)
  6. You and ANY of Ottawa Magazine’s 101 Tastes Before You Die (10pts) (max 2 items)
  7. Outside of Absinthe Cafe 5pts, holding a bottle of Absinthe (5pts)
  8. You and any kind of latte art (5pts)
  9. You and the device that holds the “Tower-O-Rings” from The Works (5pts)
  10. Making a fish face: Outside of the Whalesbone (5 pts), Outside of Lapointes (5 pts), Outside of Big Easy’s (5 pts), Outside Pelican Fishery (5pts)
  11. You and a lamb shank from Sasloves (10pts)
  12. You and a side of fresh salmon from Pelican Fishery (5pts)
  13. You and a Challah from Rideau Bakery (5pts)
  14. You opening your mouth to the enomatic wine machine at Divino Wine Studio (10pts)
  15. You wearing a red apron from the Red Apron (10pts)
  16. You and some Buffalo mozzarella from Ontario from Nicastro’s or La Bottega(10pts)
  17. You and Yellow beets from Herb & Spice (5pts)
  18. You and a Paella pan from Domus Housewares (10pts)
  19. You and a croissant from Moulin de Provence (5pts)
  20. You and the martini list at the Moonroom (15pts)
  21. You rubbbing a Buddha belly at Pho’licious (5pts)
  22. You gettin’ wild at the Wild Oat (be as creative as you like 🙂 10pts)
  23. You shucking an oyster (anywhere but at home!) (10pts)
  24. You and a sausage link from the Sausage Kitchen (5pts)
  25. You and a Gold Medal Plates Chef (20pts- past winner OR competing this Tuesday!)
  26. You and a Really Lebanese placemat (5pts +10pts the Garlic King)
  27. You and the dessert list at Elgin Street Diner (5pts)
  28.  Holding up a food related magazine at  Epicuria (5 pts)
  29. Follow the yellow brick road to the Wizard of _____ Kafe, (5pts, +5pts for red shoes)
  30. Impersonate Town’s logo in front of Town (5pts)
  31. Someone making a naan at Shafali Bazaar (5pts)
  32. You and the fresh pasta case from Parma Ravioli (5pts)
  33. You barefoot in the LCBO with a bottle of Barefoot Wine & Bubbly (15pts)
  34. Piggy back in front of the chicken rotisserie at the Piggy Market (10pts)
  35. Doing a “cheers” at Social (5pts)
  36. You and a Beau’s Brewery Tap Lever (at any location) (5pts)
  37. You and a picture of a smiling veggie/fruit vendor from the Byward Market (5pts)
  38.  **Movember Clue** You at Bridgehead on Caroline & Wellington with a foodie couple wearing mustaches (Hint: between 1-3pm is IDEAL) 10pts, +5pts if YOU have a mustache too
  39. Riding the “Beemster Cow” at Serious Cheese (10pts)
  40. Infront of Market Organics with a sign saying “Kiss me I’m organic” (5 pts, +10 pts for someone actually kissing you, and that person CAN’T be your partner)