2011 OFC Albums

18 Nov

Thank you  to everyone who took part in the 2011 Ottawa Foodie Challenge. We had such a great time watching everyone race around Ottawa for a great cause, the Ottawa Food Bank. That being said, there were some HILARIOUS photos- thanks for getting creative- it made our evening so much more enjoyable.

Here are the albums submitted to Flickr (in no particular order):

First Ladies of Food

After the Harvest

The Marlborough Men

Apple Pickers

Karine & Jenny in the Morning

Snack Attack

Taste Buds


Petits Fours

It was the best of limes, it was the worst of limes

Les Bonnes Fourchettes


Cereal Killers

Local Pizza Tourists

Foodie and the Beast


Pickle of Justice



Minority Report

Little Monsters

Fine Young Cannibals

YUKON do it

Devouring Duo

The Amazing Fighting Cupcakes

Bikes & Bites

* Sensory Sisters

* Me and You

We are always trying to create the most interesting, fun and difficult list we can. The Ottawa Foodie Challenge is for a great cause and we hope that everyone had a great time. If you have suggestions on how to make the event better next year- we are all ears. Thank you again so much for being great sports!

– Carolynn, Larissa, Matt, Kyle

* raw photos submitted


Congrats to our 2011 Champions Team “YUKON do it”

14 Nov

Not only are these ladies in the know about Ottawa food, they also are extremely FIT. Doing the entire challenge on bikes is incredible. Enjoy your foodie prize!

We’ll be posting all of the albums soon-stay tuned.

here’s 2011’s OFFICIAL list

13 Nov

Ok foodies, it’s time.

Remember these rules:

  1. You must only submit 41 photos. Your first photo in the album will be a picture of you and your partner same day as the challenge. The rest of the photos will be the 40 you completed for the list.
  2. At least one of your partners must be present in each photo.
  3. When you submit the link to your album you must tally your points. Please make the subject of your email when you submit your album “ Team Name, Points = (how many points you collected) and the price of the cheese you found)
  4. Albums must be submitted by 6pm. We do not accept late entries.
  5. Be courteous to the establishments you are entering.
  6. Have a deliciously good time!

Here’s what you’re playing for:

– $25 Gift Certificate to Thyme & Again

–  $50 Gift Certificate to Play food & wine

– $50 Gift Certificate to Burnt Butter

– $50 Gift Certificate to Stella Luna

– $20 Gift Certificate to Thimblecakes

– $40 Gift Certificate the Red Apron

– Free Pizza at ZaZaZa Pizza

–  Three lovely wines courtesy of Perugini

– 2 tickets to the next Ottawa DishCrawl (value $90)

….and the title of 2011 Ottawa Foodie Challenge Champions!

On your mark, get set…..GO!

1.”Play” with your wine, find where Rick Mercer helps hold up the wall. Picture with you and this item! 10pts

2. Star light, star bright, maybe I should have some GELATO tonight? Snap a shot of you at this location! 10pts

3. Picture of you licking the sugar heart sheet at Thimblecakes 10pts

4.  Search and you will find a red apron on Gladstone (hint: please place apron back where you discovered it – we’re watching!) 10pts

5. Get behind the curtain at ZaZaZa 5pts

6.  You and a jar of hot fudge sauce at Thyme & Again 5pts

7.  Find the art deco on the wall and play bar tender behind the bar at Burnt Butter 10pts

8.  Lay a smooch on Kevin’s portrait at Art-is-in 5pts

9.  Crawl down Preston with a plate on your head! (Make sure we can see the Little Italy street sign!) 10pts

10. You at any of Ottawa Magazine’s Top 10 restaurants of 2011 with the November issue of Ottawa Magazine 5pts (max 5 restaurants) + 5 points if you’re high-fiving the chef at the same time

11. Venture to the back lane of Back Lane Cafe and take a picture of you and what fuels their fire! 5pts

12.  One chance (and we mean ONE CHANCE) to perfect your pour at Kichesippi brewing head quarters 10pts

13.  You in front of Allium with the main ingredient to their most popular dessert 10pts

14. You and a cinnamon bun from Baker Street Cafe 5pts

15.  You and any “truffle” product at Jacobson’s 5pts for each different item (max 5 items)

16. You and a tagine 10pts

17.  You at any bagel shop with a bagel on your finger,  +1 pt for each finger holding a bagel. (max 10)

18.  You grilling a hot dog anywhere but at home 10pts

19.  You and any vendor at Ottawa’s first Sunday only outdoor organic market  5pts (hint: Some Ottawa Magazines are hanging out there- ask and you will find)

20.  You and a Kraft single beside the most expensive piece of cheese you can find 10pts,  +20 points if your cheese is the most expensive of the entire challenge- the REAL price tag must be in the photo

21.  You doing a yoga bridge in front of any Bridgehead 5 pts

22.  You in front of the street sign of one of Hintonburger’s burger names 5pts/street sign

23.  You holding a live “Sebastien” from the Little Mermaid 20pts

24. You and a bottle of Ontario sparkling wine 5 pts

25.  You and the coffee roaster from I deal Coffee 5pts

26.  You and any Ottawa food blogger on this list, + 10 pts for each blogger you hunt down! (max 2 bloggers)

27.  You and a table from Raw Sugar Café 5pts

28.  You and the Beer Bible from Pub Italia 10pts

29.  You in front of Ottawa’s most notorious molecular gastronomy restaurant 10pts

30.  You at Life of “3.14” with a “3.14” 10pts

31. You bench pressing the $79.99 dollar Nutella jar at La Bottega 5pts

32. You rolling a sushi roll anywhere but at home 20 pts

33. You and holding a butcher knife with a blood-stained butcher 10pts

34.  You waiting in line at the Manx with a disapproving face 5pts

35. You with a cake with your team name on it 10pts

36.  You shaving chicken off any shawarma skewer 10pts

37.  You sporting a chef jacket 10pts + 5pts if you rocking a chef’s hat

38. It’s tea time! You with your pinky in the air at Zoe’s Lounge 5 pts

39.  Make a memory in front of Memories  5 pts

40.  You juggling lychee fruit 10pts

Ottawa Foodie Challenge on CTV Ottawa Morning Live!

11 Nov

The OFC 2011 VIDEO

7 Nov

APT 613 gives us some love!

7 Nov

Hey check out what APT613 had to say about OFC!

See you on November 13!

The Urban Element is hosting our launch party!

7 Nov

Do you like coffee and scones? Want to size up your competition? Have a head start on the challenge list?

Join us and your fellow competitor’s at 9 am at The Urban Element for the official Ottawa Foodie Challenge launch party!

What can you expect? Yummy Bridgehead coffee, delicious treats from Life of Pie and the release of the the OFC 2011 list earlier then online and of course, finding out what you’re competing for (other than bragging rights). We’ll also be giving you hints on how to out smart your competition.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Never been to The Urban Element it’s at 424 Parkdale, check out this map!